Last Chances has been a year long project. I’ve written on and off in my spare time between work, coaching, blogging, and having a family. I’ve learned a great deal in completing this project. First, I love to write. Moreover, I love to have people affected by what I write. Secondly, writing is hard work. This is especially true for someone who had D’s in HS English class. Lastly, I’m glad that this project is over and I look forward to the time when I see Last Chances finally in print.

A few notes about the book. Many of the characters in the book are named after real people. The main characters are fictitious names but Tom Chernich and many others come from the names of real people. Some are former team mates and other passing acquantances in my former life as a wrestler. Other than Tommy, the personalities themselves are fictionalized. Tommy, on the other hand, is very much how I depict him in the book.

The letter that Spencer’s father left him is an actual letter I wrote to my son. I posted it on my blog and it received a great amount of response from the wrestling community, so I wanted to include it into the book.

Thanks for taking the time and I hope you find success in all of your last chances.


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